Trade Test Centre

The concept of a Trade Test Centre (TTC) was formalized by Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre. The inception of a TTC at AIDC was necessary to support the strategy of the GGDA of the decade of the artisan. In this way, the AIDC would be able to assist on the lack of qualifications for artisans.

The TTC responsible for trade testing which are assessments and moderations for candidates who want to be qualified as technicians and artisans.

To combat the shortage of skills in the industry, the accredited MerSETA and QCTO Trade Test Centre offers artisan recognition for prior learning and trade test assessments. The TTC also offers state-of-the-art workshops for manufacturing technical support training, to become catalysts for economic growth in the province.

The TTC offers eight accredited different trades, which are; Boiler, Welder, Mechanical Fitter, Auto Electrician, Fitter and Turner, Spray Painting, Panel Beating and Turner.