Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) CEO Mr. Lance Schultz today participated in the Southern Africa and Europe CEO’s dialogue contributing to the discussion around SMME’s as drivers of economic growth.

The CEO’s dialogue is in its seventh year and is aimed at strengthening the bridge between Southern Africa and its biggest trading partner, Europe. The high-level networking and debate platform brings together influential business leaders, institutions, government, and scholars to engage on the primary topic of Southern Africa and Europe after COVID-19.

Mr. Schultz emphasized the importance of the partnership between the AIDC and the Reggio Emelia region in Italy. The partnership touches on various aspects including enterprise and supplier development, skills development, and specific programme management.   The relationship has resulted in the development of the Chamdor Hub which is in line with Gauteng’s Township Economic Revitalisation Strategy, skills development collaborations with universities in the two countries as well as an exchange programme to mentor and develop the youth.

Schultz said “we are proud to have achieved this partnership with Reggio Emelia as it is already yielding results. These efforts will ultimately make significant contributions to the automotive industry. ”

The dialogue is looking at how Europe and Italy can team up with Africa for sustainable development in light of the devastating impact of the global pandemic and then set a future course to see how best South Africa and Italy can closely co-operate to ensure a fast recovery.

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