The Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) has played a pivotal role in the production of an innovative hand sanitizer applicator. Mr. Vusi Mkhize, the owner and CEO of Mumbo Group (Pty) Ltd has developed and put into production a non-electronic hand sanitizer applicator. He has already fulfilled the first order of 50 units for a government department.

Mkhize approached the Business Development Department of the AIDC with the product concept two weeks ago. He required support to industrialize the product to make it suitable for mass production. Mr. Mkhize says “the automotive sector knows how to produce in high volumes, that is why the AIDC was my first port of call for assistance in manufacturing technology.”

The hand sanitizer applicator is a substantial and robust device that will give years of service. The device uses no electronics or electricity. It is foot operated and can be reloaded by any person with no special tools required.

The applicator is ideal for all entrances where the public, staff or visitors enter a building. The device is mobile and it can also be fixed permanently. Mkhize says he expects to see this device at every door in the country.

This product is a result of a collaboration between Naicker Tool Makers, the Mumbo Group and Teq Design Central   .  Naicker Tool  Makers is  an  IATF 16949 accredited company and manufactures this product in  Boksburg.  Naicker Tool Maker is has also been in the AIDC’s supplier development programme.   Mr. Kas Naicker says “This is a good product and we believe that it will help greatly in the big fight against  the coronavirus.”

Several suppliers are involved to ensure the tooling functions smoothly and to achieve the required volume. The current manufacturing volume  is 100 units per day.  This can be increased to meet any demand as the tooling currently has a capacity of 500 units per day.

AIDC CEO, Mr. Lance Schultz, says this project confirms that “this is the time for co-operation between organizations with complimentary capabilities that operate in the automotive space. This is an indication that the tier 2 industry can rapidly localize automotive components to achieve the goal of 60% local content for vehicles as targeted in South Africa Automotive Masterplan.”

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