The Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) has embarked on a project to train and deploy compliance officers to assist companies to comply with Covid-19 regulations. To date the AIDC has trained 5 Covid-19 compliance officers and 3 AIDC project managers will oversee the implementation of the project. In total, 8 project resources will be working fulltime on this initiative to assist SMMEs and companies with Covid-19 compliance. The project is aimed at supporting the Automotive and Manufacturing sector SMMEs with Covid-19 compliance protocols. The project is joint initiative between government and industry, will benefit the automotive sector and other businesses within Gauteng Province.

The projects aims to mitigate and minimise the impact of COVID-19 on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), automotive and supplier operations, provide a local quick response facility and assist with assessing and achieving compliance to standards of hygiene and health protocols by independently checking compliance and assisting companies to address gaps identified during compliance audits at SMMEs.

The AIDC embarked on this project after the realization that SMME’s, especially the smaller businesses, do not have the services of compliance officers readily available and in most cases, such a service would be at an additional cost.

AIDC CEO Mr. Lance Schultz says “the provision of compliance officers and advisors will assist to ensure that health and safety protocols are in place in businesses in order to mitigate the effects on COVID-19 on workers. This will be done in a positive supportive environment to achieve compliance. The culture will be of co-operation, innovative solutions and standardised easy to use documentation and communication material.”

The project will be managed by the Supplier Enterprise Development Department (SEDD) a key focus area within the AIDC. The AIDC’s Supplier and Enterprise Development Department (SEDD) was established to develop component manufacturers in the supply chain to conform to the international standards prescribed by the automotive industry.

Companies interested in the services of compliance officers, should contact the Project Team.

Contact Details:

Project Manager: Siphokazi Ramaboea-July
Cellphone: 0791175714

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